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Jumping Jack Flag3D puzzlediscontinuediOS/Android app powered by jMonkeyEngine
QR foreverImage as QR code 1discontinuediOS/Android app powered by jMonkeyEngine
eclipse2antExport Ant build filesNow part of EclipseEclipse plug-in
ContextMenu-PluginOpens the Windows Explorer context menudiscontinuedEclipse plug-in
Emoji LinkBoard game. Memory clone.Click to playPowered by jQuery
VVVV4KVVVVVV clone 2Click to playAmstrad CPC
VVVV4K WiiVVVVVV clone 2DownloadWii
MEG4KMANMEGAMAN cloneDownloadWii

1 Special thanks to Russ Cox
2 By courtesy of Terry Cavanagh

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